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How can I order my Qonto card?

With your Qonto account, you can get virtual and physical MasterCards. Please note that only admins and primary owners can perform this action and 2FA is required to complete the process.

  • To create or order a card, access the 'Cards' section and click on the 'Add card' logo located in the upper-right corner of the page.

  • Then you can choose either to order a physical card or to create a virtual card.

  • Select the cardholder and define the settings of the card before to submit.

If you create or order a card for yourself, you'll be asked to choose your PIN code immediatly. If the cardholder is another member of your organisation, he/she will receive an email asking him/her to set the PIN code. Choosing a PIN code is necessary to confirm the card creation.

Virtual cards are effective a few minutes after their creation.

You can choose the shipping address of your physical card : the delay to receipt your card is 5 to 7 working days (in Metropolitan France).

Your physical cards need to be activated before you can use them.

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