Are there restrictions regarding my account during the regulatory check?

While we are proceeding with legal verifications, you have access to your Qonto account. However, resctrictions apply until your company identity is confirmed:

  • Maximum of €250 per transaction
  • Maximum of €2,500 spent in total by the organisation.

Regulatory checks are usually completed within 72 hours. You'll receive a confirmation email as soon as the verifications regarding your company are finalised and limits of use will be automatically removed.

As we also perform a regulatory check for each new user you add to your account, restrictions apply as well during this period:

  • The new user cannot spend more than €250 per payment with his/her card
  • The new user cannot process cash withdrawals exceeding €250
  • The total amount spent by a new user (including payments and withdrawals) cannot exceed €2,500.
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