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How can I make a transfer to my Qonto account?

You can top-up your Qonto account by wiring money to it through a simple bank transfer.

From an account in the SEPA-zone

In this case, the procedure is standard and quite easy to achieve.

In order to transfer money to your account, simply initiate a bank transfer to your Qonto account using its IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and BIC (Bank Identifier Code) numbers.

Both numbers are  of information is included in the 'Welcome email' you received when opening your Qonto account. However it is also accessible online in the 'Accounts' tab of your account, on web or mobile.

From a foreign account / outside the SEPA-zone

In this case, you need first to make sure the bank processing the transfer is able to initiate SEPA transfers.

Note : SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) is the European standard for wire transfers in the Euro zone.

- The bank is able to initiate a SEPA transfer

In this case scenario, you need to :

  • specify that the beneficiary account (i.e. your Qonto account) is identified by an IBAN
  • select a SEPA transfer and not a SWIFT transfer.

Examples :

With a Barclays account, you need to choose 'IBAN', as shown below.


With Silicon Valley Bank, you need to select 'This is an IBAN' and 'This Payee is eligible for SEPA Credit Transfers'.


- The bank is not able to initiate SEPA transfers

It is increasingly rare in practice, but some banks outside the EU do not support SEPA transfers format. Also, at the moment, Qonto is not able to accept incoming transfers in foreign currencies or non-

SEPA formats. For instance, we cannot accept SWIFT transfers as of today.

> Good news ! There is still a way to make the desired transfer happening : you can use a third-party service such as TransferWise to solve the problem. It's reliable and efficient as far as we know.

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