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Which ID do I need to register?

During your registration, we ask you to provide a valid ID for each user, in order to perform our regulatory check.

  • If you're a French citizen 🇫🇷, you can provide either a copy of your national identity card or a copy of your passport.

Please note that we do not accept driving licences or any other document.

  •  If you're not French, only valid UE passports, written in English, are accepted.

It also important that you let us know if you have dual nationality.


⚠️Important: In order to validate your file quickly, your proof of address must respect the following conditions: 

- Be in color 

Perfectly legible and clear (must not be blurred or stained, no shadow or flash must no impede the visibility of the document)

- Must not be truncated, the four corners of the document must be visible


French national identity cards (secured laminated cards) delivered after 1st January 2004 to people of age, are considered valid for 15 years. However, there's no tolerance regarding passport expiry dates.

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