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Can I import multiple beneficiaries at once?

Importing beneficiaries in batch is a convenient feature when changing from a bank to another. Qonto allows to import up to 300 beneficaries at the same time.

The process is as follow:

  1. Download the csv file below
  2. Fill the CSV file using Excel or any CSV editor, without modifying or deleting the header (first row)
  3. Drag and drop your file in the upload placeholder (Qonto>Transfer>New Transfer>Upload beneficiaries (CSV))
  4. Check that the data you imported is correct
  5. Validate

About the CSV file format

The uploaded file must contain exactly 4 columns separated by semicolon (;):

  • Name (mandatory)
  • IBAN (mandatory)
  • BIC (optional)
  • Email (optional)

IBAN and BIC must comply a certain type of format. In case of error, the confirmation screen will highlight beneficiaries for which one of those parameters does not fit.


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