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What type of file do I need to initiate bulk transfers at once?

I can initiate up to 200 transfers at once, by uploading a .xml file formatted according to the ISO 20022 standard (see the documentation below in FR).

Most payroll solutions (like PayFit) as well as the main accounting tools, allow to automatically generate this type of file.

Download an XML template at the end of this section.

Here are some guidelines about how to use the bulk transfers feature.

Step 1:

When initiating a transfer, you now have the option to create a single transfer or bulk transfers at once.


Step 2:

After choosing ‘Bulk transfers’, you are asked to upload their .xml file. 
After submitting it, our back-end extracts all the transfers included in the file and the interface displays each transfer details.


Step 3:

As you have to set an activity tag for each transfer, a dropdown menu allows to set a global activity tag for all transfers at once. You can still change activity tags individually in the transfer details.
You also have the possibility to schedule all the transfers (but not set a frequency).


Step 4: 

The total amount of transfers is displayed at the bottom of the screen and changes as you ticks or unticks each transfer. If the total amount is superior to the available balance, the submit button remains inactive.
All details such as the amount, beneficiary details (name, IBAN, BIC, email address) are editable for each individual transfer.
New beneficiaries will be automatically added to the Rolodex after the validation.
After transfers have been reviewed, you validate and a confirmation modal is prompted (as for a regular transfer).

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