We already have a bank account, what can Qonto do for us?

Qonto is much more than a standard bank account! 

  • Better collaborate as a team: order payment cards online for your teams, instantly create virtual cards to pay online, control your spendings by defining payment limits by card, invite your accountant in 'read-only' mode and download your transactions history (and attachments) for seamless accounting.
  • Say 'Goodbye' to paper: gather your suppliers' invoices and your employees' receipts in your Qonto account. You will never ever chase receipts or invoices at the end of month again.
  • Connect your Qonto account to your favorite applications: whether it is your CRM, your payroll or invoicing software, gain efficiency with our third-party integrations.

Start saving time and being more efficient: sign-up for Qonto today!

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