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How does the billing work?


1. Payment of your subscription

  • How much is my monthly subscription going to cost me?

It depends on the plan you pick during your registration.

For companies : 


For freelancers : 


Our pricing is available on our website:

  • How will I pay my monthly subscription?

We’ll charge you directly from your Qonto account. That’s why your account balance should be higher than your monthly charge.

  • What happens if Qonto can’t charge me?

In case of an insufficient balance on payment due date, Qonto will not be able to charge your account and you will be notified of a "payment failure".

Payment failure events are cumulative and will be stored awaiting for future payment. As soon as the balance will be sufficient, Qonto will charge your account with the total amount of unpaid fees.

e.g.: if we can’t charge your Solo plan subscription fees for 2 consecutive months (=18€ excl tax), then you will be charged retroactively as soon as your balance reached a sufficient amount (superior to €18 excl tax in this case).

  • What is the Payment due date for my subscription?

We charge your fees monthly, on the anniversary date of your account creation.


2. Payment of your “additional” fees

  • What are the “additional” fees?

There are 2 kinds of “additional” fees :

1. “Off-subscription” fees, linked to an “off-subscription” operation such as:

  • SEPA transfers
  • Physical and Virtual cards
  • Check deposit

e.g : if you need to process more transfers than anticipated in your current plan, the extras will be subject to additional fees, listed below.

Detail for companies ⬇️





 Detail for freelancers ⬇️




2. Other fees

Other fees may include irregularities, such as:

     - The rejection of a SEPA direct debit due to insufficient balance

     - The call back of a transfer requested by the user or required due to an input error, as part of the initial capital deposit procedure

The misuse of the account may also result in additional fees. Such cases include offences or acts in violation with our terms and conditions or the applicable law.

Detail for companies ⬇️


Detail for freelancers ⬇️  



3. The Qonto bill

  • When is my bill available?

Qonto generates invoices on the anniversary date of your registration day and includes all applicable fees for the period.

For example: If you subscribed on May 20th, your invoice will be available on the 20th of each month for the previous period.

  • Where is my bill?

From your browser in your Qonto app:

  1. Click on your organization name and select Settings"
  2. Then go to the "Subscription" tab
  3. And click on the "Download Invoices" button



Do you still have questions?

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