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How much does it cost?

You can find our pricing on our website:


Here is more information about the Qonto plan:

  • No fees regarding account opening and online management
  • The initial capital increase process is free of charge and provides entrepreneurs with a deposit certificate, in order to get their company registered
  • Your first month of subscription is offered;) (except the initial capital increase process)

Depending on the price plan chosen, the subscription includes the management of your account, one or more Mastercard (physical and virtual) and a volume of transfers or SEPA debits per month. Transfers and withdrawals beyond this included volume are billed degressively: € 0.50, € 0.40 or € 0.25 / transaction.

User number is limited by pricing plan that you have chosen :
- Essential : 2 users maximum include
- Standard : 10 users maximum include
- Premium : illimited number of users include
- Additional physical Qonto card: €5 / month
- Additional virtual Qonto card: €2 / month
- Non-EUR card transaction: 2% / transaction
- ATM withdrawal: €1 / transaction
- Additional SEPA (EUR) transfer/debit: €0.5 / transaction
- Irregularity management: 10€ / irregularity
  • Transfers and debits denominated in foreign currencies and/or not within the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) are not deducted from your initial package of '20 SEPA (EUR) transfers or debits'
  • 'Non-EUR card transactions' relate to payments and ATM withdrawals, which means that ATM withdrawals made outside the euro area cost €1 + 2% of the transaction amount
  • Irregularities consist of:
    • Rejection of a SEPA direct debit because of insufficient funds
    • Transfer recall requested by user or required because of input error, as part of the initial capital increase process
  • Subscription is 'no strings attached' and you will always be able to cancel your plan in a few clicks.

- Circular letter: 45 €

Finally, the subscription is non-binding and you will always be able to cancel your subscription in a few clicks.

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