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What is considered as a valid proof of address for companies?

When you open an account for a company under registration, we ask you to provide a proof of address for your company's headquarters, that is less than three-month old. 

Only companies which headquarter address is in metropolitan France can open an account for an under registration company.

You can provide either:

  • An invoice or a proof of contract related to water, power, gas, landline or internet supply (mobile phone invoices are not accepted)
  • Or a contract or a proof of multi-risk insurance contract
  • Or a proof of accommodation issued by a domiciliation agent that holds a prefectural approval
  • Or a proof of accommodation (at your personal place of residence for instance, or at a third party's place of residence, you'll find a template at the end of this article) along with a copy of a valid ID/passport and a proof of address of the host (in compliance with what is explained here).

If the company is hosted by another company, we need:

1 - proof of accommodation of the company hosting, signed by one of the company's corporate officers
2 - Proof of identity of the signatory: passport / identity card
3 - Kbis (- 3 months) of the hosting company

Please note that lease agreements are not accepted as proofs of address for companies.

Important: The scan of your company's proof of address must be perfectly readable. If the document is blurry or stained, it will be rejected and your registration may be invalidated.

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