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What apps can automatically pull Qonto transactions?

The following tools can automatically import your Qonto transactions and keep them in Sync. Below, please find the credentials you'll need to use to connect them with Qonto. 


App Name Description of the service Connects with your email and password Connect with your login and secret key (learn more)
Bankin' Mobile Money manager  -  ✅
Compta Clémentine Outsourced accounting service -  ✅ Full-service management consultancy, accounting and invoicing software - Outsourced accounting service  -
Evoliz Invoicing Software -
Fizen Accounting and cash flow management tool  -
Fred de la compta Outsourced accounting service -  ✅
Georges Accounting tool dedicated to licensed professionals -  ✅
iPaidThat Invoice collection and matching tool - ✅ 
JeDé Bank transactions connector (learn more)  ✅  -
LoopSoftware Accounting, invoicing, and payroll tool
Mon Expert En Gestion (MEG) Accounting portal, including invoicing, treasury, purchases and expense management features.
QuickBooks Accounting tool for SMEs
(See How)
Sage Live Sage's SaaS accounting tool offering, dedicated to companies above 100 employees -  ✅
Sage One Sage's SaaS accounting tool offering, dedicated to companies between 1 and 100 employees -  ✅

Accounting and invoicing service for freelancers and small businesses


Accounting records generator

- ✅ 

Outsourced accounting and invoicing service

 -  ✅

Online accounting tool



I use a tool that isn't in the above list, what should I do? 

You can contact us at to let us know.

However, it is most likely the team working on that tool that will have to integrate with us. So for the best chance to see your tool featured in the above list, reach out to them, and let them know you'd like them to integrate with Qonto! ;)



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