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What should I do if I loose access to my 2-step verification device?

Here's what to do if:

  • You have lost access to the phone on which the Authenticator App was installed (or uninstalled the app by mistake)
  • You have lost access to the phone number on which the verification codes were sent


Using your 10-digit recovery key

If you have saved the 10-digit recovery key you were given when setting up 2-step verification, then it is very easy for you to get unstuck by yourself:


  1. Sign in to your organization, and head to your login & security tab at (
  2. Below your currently active 2-step verification method, hit Edit
  3. Click on "Use your recovery key"
  4. Fill in your 10-digit recovery key

You're unstuck - you can now choose another 2-step verification method, or reset the one you had originally set up by following the steps outlined here.


If you lost your recovery key

If you lost the 10-digit recovery key given to you during set-up, then for security reasons, you will need to contact our support team.

Make sure to have an identification document with you, and give us a call: we will help you. 


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