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How to deposit a check with Qonto ?

🇫🇷This article only applies to companies registered in France

Qonto makes check deposits accessible to you. This feature shall be used as an exceptional solution, in case your customers have no other available payment option.

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How to deposit a check?

  1. Access your Qonto account from a desktop or a mobile device,
  2. Click on the Check Deposits section, then on Deposit a check,
  3. Fill in the check information,
  4. Send us your check by mail within a week to the address that appears on your screen. If we do not receive the check in time, we won’t be able to register the transaction.

Note: You don't need to endorse a check to deposit it. 


The amount collected by check cannot exceed €10.000 per 30 running days, within the limit of €5.000 per single check. Checks must be made out to the legal company name. We are currently working to resolve this limitation.

The amount will appear on your account 15 working days after we’ve received the check by mail. This is necessary because check deposits come with heavy manual processing to register the transaction and avoid fraud.

Note: Fraud attempts and inconsistencies of the check’s information will result in additional fees.


>> See the applied fees

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