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Qonto cards payment and withdrawal limits

Qonto cards are personal and can be adapted to all member needs. The Qonto account Admin is able to limit the card payment and withdrawal capabilities of the members of his company. 

For more flexibility, these limits can be modified at any time from the Cards section of your Qonto account. Any changes will be taken into account in real time.

What does a "30-day rolling period" mean?

The withdrawal limit is not based on the current month (1 to 30 or 1 to 31) but on the day the withdrawal limit is reached. For example, if your withdrawal limit is €1,000 over 30 rolling days and you withdraw €500 on January 5, you will only be able to withdraw €500 until February 5.

Choose a card that suits your needs

With a One card

  • Pay up to €20,000 and withdraw up to €1,000 / 30-day rolling period

With a Plus card:

  • Pay up to €40,000 and withdraw up to €2,000  / 30-day rolling period

Note: These cards are only available on our new platform. You can order it if your RIB starts with QNTO.

How to change the payment and withdrawal limits of a card?

During the card creation

  • From the Cards section of your application, click on Create card.  
  • Choose between a physical card or a virtual card.
  • Then choose the payment and withdrawal limits of the new card in the Card settings section.

Of an existing card

  • Select the card that you want to change the limits in the Cards section.
  • Click on Update in card settings. 
  • Then, update your limits in the following window. You can only update the limits of the activated cards. 

Other options can be set up on your card, for more information click here.

Do you still have questions?

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