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What are the different Qonto cards?

Qonto provides physical and virtual Mastercard debit cards. They can be combined, named and configured. Online payments, contactless payments or payments with PIN code entry, your Qonto card allows you to make payments in France and abroad.

Qonto virtual cards

One virtual cards allow you to make online payments of up to €20,000.00 over a 30-day period. They offer the same insurance and assistance benefits as the One card. 

Qonto physical cards

One Card

One cards are free and included in your package. Then 5€/month spent the number of cards included in the package 

  • Mastercard Business Debit
  • Pay up to €20,000 over 30 sliding days 
  • Withdraw up to €1,000 over 30 sliding days 
  • Unlimited and free payment in Europe
  • 1€ (excl. VAT) / withdrawal 
  • 2% foreign currency payment fees at 2% (and no fixed fees)

Plus Card

€6 / month

  • Mastercard World Debit
  • Pay up to €40,000 over 30 sliding days 
  • Withdraw up to €2,000 for 30 sliding days 
  • Unlimited and free payment in Europe
  • 5 free withdrawals then 1€ (excl. VAT) / withdrawal 
  • 1% foreign currency payment fee at 2% (and no fixed fees)

X Card 

€20 / month

  • Mastercard World Debit
  • Benefit from a 0% exchange rate
  • Pay up to €60,000 / 30-day rolling period
  • Withdraw up to €3,000 for free / 30-day rolling period
  • Take full advantage of a concierge service available 7 days a week 
  • Access airport lounges 
  • Benefit from Qonto’s most exclusive card insurance

Note: Our Plus and X cards are only available on our new platform. You can order it if your RIB starts with QNTO.

All our physical cards allow you to

Lock and unlock your card

Your card just disappeared and you don’t remember where you put it last time. Qonto allows you to lock it temporarily for more security.

Customize your PIN code

Never forget your PIN code again! Qonto allows the cardholder to define it. Do you need to change it? Log into your account and go for a new one in a few clicks.

Manage your business, your limits, and permissions

Manage permissions, withdrawal and payment limits, that fit your needs in real-time!

Get the 3D-Secure technology

The 3D-Secure technology makes all your online payments safe and give you peace of mind.

Insurance & assistance

You can enjoy a variety of benefits with your Qonto Business card including purchase protection, travel, and car-rental damage insurance.

This set of protection is also coming with a global assistance hotline. 

For any inquiry, you can contact the phone number displayed on the back of your card.

To declare a claim online, please login to your Qonto account you may find all required details in the card insurance section of your settings.

There are two levels of guarantees: One or Plus benefits, depending on the card chosen. Everything is explained here.

Do you still have questions?

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